Start-Up Rental Software Best Practices

Historically, deploying a system that will monitor every dollar and hour you spend is laborious and drawn out. Entrepreneurs and start-up business owners manage a delicate balance of scaling their company without over investing in one business operation like inventory or in this example, software technology. When speaking with future customers we hear these questions constantly,

“Why should I replace my current rental software?”

“What if we don’t need that feature?”

“Can’t QuickBooks do that?”

The features in ADVANTAGE 365 allow you to go big or stay small without expensive overhead and delivering all-inclusive resources for customer service, training, and reporting requests. According to Ron Rosenblatt,

“…small businesses adopt[ing] technologies that ease the burden of financial distress, providing cash flow access and insights so they can focus more on their business and not their books”

Understanding the pivotal service offerings that differentiate a hastily packaged suite of add-on apps from an industry serving powerhouse is crucial to your buying experience and the future of your business. New business equipment software poses unique challenges regarding price point, versatility, and industry tailored solutions that dictate the balance of the services and features you receive at a given price point. 

Cost-benefit of Start-Up Business Equipment Software?

“In terms of IT budget, companies will allocate 26% [of budget] for software” (State of IT Report) and RMI agrees that investing in effective accounting practices is crucial to giving your business a healthy financial start. The difficulty with programs like QuickBooks is the generic pricing structure commonly used across many startup accounting software packages i.e. “Pay $ XXX.XX receive X Features”. RMI breaks the traditional pricing model where higher monthly rates unlock more features like smart reporting, accelerated invoicing, and custom fields. ADVANTAGE 365 is loaded with every function your rental, sales, and service business would need and grants all users access to powerful reporting, accounting, billing, and CRM tools without surprise fees for training, support, or custom reports! Every report, system modification and custom dashboard is developed in-house by our team, removing the practice of paying for add-ons to fill in the gaps presented in your new business equipment software. With ADVANTAGE 365 your staff have access to a fully loaded software from day one!

All-inclusive New Business Equipment Software

At a glance some new business equipment software will seem to fit your operation perfectly with scannable receipts, time tracking, and inventory reports advertised to bill, track, and monitor all areas of business regardless of size or industry. Consequently, core reporting and CRM functions your business needs to maximize employee efficiency aren’t delivered in a streamlined industry specific offering.   

With ADVANTAGE 365 you can use as much or as little of the system as you need which has helped prevent our customers from ever feeling overwhelmed or intimidated by their new business equipment software! Working alongside our internal team of client service specialists, developers, and sales staff you can easily pick and choose the features, functions, and appearance of your start-up rental software.

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