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Learn more about ADVANTAGE 365, the mobile medical equipment rental app and software.

The bustling environment on the convention center main stage can quickly swallow in-tangible product offerings, like medical rental software!  RMI has found ways to break the glass ceiling by hosting quick medical software walk-throughs, video demos and interactive presentations; so if you’re looking for software this season here are the best ways to use your limited time to maximize value.

Step 1: Admit you have a problem…

ADVANTAGE 365 makes having the revelation of needing new software, less scary.  If your medical software is unable to manage your recurring and automated billing, deliver scheduled meter maintenance alerts, and/or lacks real-time medical equipment reporting, a plug-in app will not suffice.  Entering Medtrade with an open approach to making first contact with some medical rental software providers will help manage expectations and make your traveling and shopping experience more enjoyable and less rushed.

Step 2: Challenge Us

Upon first contact address the elephant in the room, if a medical equipment software can’t address your shortcomings head-on it may not be a great fit.  The constantly evolving industry of medical inventory management software has led to an increase in add-ons and plug-ins that inherently create more convoluted accounting and business processes such as duplicate entries.  A familiar and easy-to-use dashboard, adherence to strict accounting principles, and advanced inventory management are what allow ADVANTAGE 365 to stand at the forefront in the medical rental and sales software category.

Step 3: You qualify us, We qualify you

Taking a walk, grabbing lunch or chatting in a quiet area is where you will learn more about the service offered with ADVANTAGE 365.  1-on-1 time with an RMI employee allows you both to qualify one another as a fit for ADVANTAGE 365 but also learn how we plan to address the shortcomings of your current medical software.  With thousands of medical units and equipment managed across more than 7,000 users, RMI has effectively faced and resolved the majority of software challenges medical rental companies experience.

Step 4: Coffee Now, Demo Next Week

In our 36 years we’ve learned a demo during a tradeshow is not how you’d like to learn about ADVANTAGE 365 which is why we have staff and technology readily available to perform on-site and virtual demos; you never have to leave your office.  After scheduling your demo for a future date, RMI will gather some basic company info and prepare a test system with all your info for the demo date.  On demo day you will have free reign to click around the system, ask questions, and see how ADVANTAGE 365 streamlines your day-to-day activities.

RMI has 36 years of dedicated medical rental software service and we are constantly improving our software to maintain the standards of excellence expected by our medical customers and the industry.  To learn more about ADVANTAGE 365 medical rental software, contact us today!

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