Celebrating 36 Years!

Happy Birthday, RMI!

This month we celebrated our 36th birthday as a company!

Even in just the past year a lot has happened!

Photo by Pineapple Supply Co. on Pexels.com
  • We added 5 new members to our RMI family.
  • We further developed our RDS (Rapidly Deployed Solutions) Team who works tirelessly on creating and implementing new features for our customers.
  • We attended a brand new trade show: MedTrade in Vegas
  • We welcomed many new customers including some in the trailer industry, container industry, and construction equipment industry.
  • Our marketing department has started creating brand new videos for our top industries. Check them out on our website!
  • We even redecorated the whole office: new paint, new conference room tables and chairs, the works!

Our 36th year was a productive one, but we wouldn’t be anywhere without the support and business of our customers. For that, we’d like to issue a huge THANK YOU! Here’s to hoping that our 37th year in business proves to be even more fruitful for us, but especially for our customers!

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