How We KNOW We’re a Fit for Your Industry

Whenever you hear “RMI”, it’s followed by “software for the rental, sales, and service industry” ….as if that’s all one industry, right?

Look, we wouldn’t call ourselves the expert in such a broad category if we didn’t know it to be true. To show you what we mean, requires a trip down memory lane, back to our founding in 1983.

Our founder, Paul Chapdelaine, saw these big contraptions called “computers” and realized their potential uses but also their expense and he had an idea. He put an ad in the paper for people to rent computers from him (for training new employees, for doing a one-time data crunch, whatever) and received overwhelming demand…especially considering he hadn’t purchased a single computer yet!

He put a second mortgage on his house, purchased as many computers as he could, and started a lucrative computer rental business.

The more computers he acquired, the more he realized that the rudimentary software systems out there could only handle the going-out of his inventory, but not the bringing-back-into-stock that was required for a rental business.

Thus the first version of ADVANTAGE software was made.

Shortly thereafter, a gentleman in the trailer leasing business approached Paul wanting to use his software. Paul said, “But it’s for computer rentals”, the man said “No it’s not. It’s for widgets. I rent, sell, and service my stuff, and keep an inventory, just like you. Let me pay you for it”.

The rest, they say, is history.

Today’s ADVANTAGE 365 remains true to its roots in companies that rent, sell, and service, but it works for every industry. We have customers with generators, trailers, shipping containers, golf carts, furniture, traffic equipment, radios, forklifts, excavators, copiers, medical equipment, and many more.

They all sell stuff.
They rent stuff.
They depreciate.
They perform maintenance.
They bill their customers.
They use parts and manage inventory.
They print P+Ls and Balance Sheets.
They track company performance with reports.

Our customers actually have a lot in common. And these users of ADVANTAGE 365 know that they are in good, experienced hands. After all, we’ve been on both sides of this coin. We rented, sold and serviced stuff, and then we built a software around that EXPERIENCE, not just an idea.

Gain the ADVANTAGE for your business…no matter what industry you may rent, sell, or service in.

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