Why Your Startup Needs ADVANTAGE 365

Starting an equipment business is a whirlwind. While planning your products and service should take precedent, more often you just end up navigating the tangled web of laws, taxes, proper accounting, and maybe obtaining funding.

Cue ADVANTAGE 365, software for the equipment rental, sales, and service industry. And cue the collective sighs of relief from new business owners.
RMI’s software, ADVANTAGE 365, includes everything a start-up needs, and everything a full grown corporation could possibly want:

  • Get Paid: Integrated credit card processing means you get paid easily and the government is happy because our credit card storage is PCI compliant (i.e. really secure and encrypted)
  • Sales Tax Updates: Whoops! Didn’t think about that? That’s ok. We did. State tax, local tax, county tax…doesn’t matter. We update all of them for the U.S. every single month.
  • Proper Accounting: Every purchase, sale, rental, service, etc. transaction that you do will make the appropriate accounting entries in the back end automatically. We also include all of your financial statements that you simply print when ready… because your accounting info fills in automatically.

“We don’t have an accountant on staff and probably never will.” – RMI customer for 9 years

  • Obtain Funding: While can’t make you more charismatic, we can help you put your best foot forward. Investors like to see full ERP software systems that handle all aspects of a business with proper audit trails, paperless functionality, with a smaller potential for errors. We also give pretty great demos that we’d be happy to include your investors on.
  • Keep Tabs on Progress: Keep your thumb on top of your business with our 900+ reports and a Reporting Guarantee saying if we don’t have it, we’ll build it for you for free. Some of our popular reports are “Top 10 Customers”, “Rolling 12 month P+L”, “Technician Productivity Report”, “Rental Revenue Projections”, “Equipment Utilization”, and many more!
Top 10 Customers Report
  • Month-to-Month Commitment: ADVANTAGE 365’s unique per-user-per-month pricing model makes it affordable starting out without any long-term commitments. Yet it allows you to scale as your business grows, making it the first and last software your business needs.

If you’re a start-up struggling to…well…start up, remember, we were a start-up once too. 35 years ago, our founder took a second mortgage on his home to start RMI, a computer rental shop. He realized that the software he started out with couldn’t do everything he needed and so he created ADVANTAGE 365. And that’s what we’ve been doing ever since.

ADVANTAGE 365 – the start-up software for the equipment rental, sales, and service industry. Schedule a demo with us today! sales@rmiusa.com or 1-800-252-5011 x2

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