Platform for SaaS Reviews Recognizes ADVANTAGE 365 with Great User Experience Award for ERP Software

For over 30 years, RMI Corporation has been going above and beyond our call of duty to streamline the operations of companies in the equipment rental, sales, and service industries. We have earned a reputation for offering quality solutions and have received many accolades for it. Now, we are proud to have bagged another shiny new award as a testament to our efforts: the 2018 Great User Experience Award from FinancesOnline

FinancesOnline is a directory for business software that professionals and companies from across the world use for information on the best SaaS products on the market. With their knowledge of the industry coupled with their advanced customer satisfaction algorithm, they test software platforms against their competitors as well as industry benchmarks to gauge its quality and efficiency.

In their ADVANTAGE 365 overview, FinancesOnline commended our product’s unified ERP and business management functionalities that give users the capability to fully automate a wide range of tasks to make way for more attention-demanding responsibilities. Furthermore, they said that the platform’s robust yet easy-to-use structure is great for closing the gap between the various processes involved in managing their business and it makes it easy to get access to the data they require in just a few clicks.

In addition to recognizing ADVANTAGE 365’s premium usability and including us in their list of best ERP software, the experts at FinancesOnline also honored us with the Rising Star Award for 2018. This title is given to products that have increasingly been making waves in the industry. As we have rolled out upgrades, enhancements, as well as new features, services, and guarantees, more and more have started to notice.

To get access to the full review of ADVANTAGE 365, drop by the FinancesOnline website today. If we’ve had the pleasure of providing you with our solution and simplifying your ERP implementation, don’t hesitate to leave your own review. We love reading comments and suggestions!

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