RMI “Rapidly Deploying” More Than Software

RMI, creators of ADVANTAGE 365 rental equipment software, recently put together a new team that is revolutionizing how software changes are delivered. Most software companies deliver updates anywhere from 0-4 times a year. At that time, they provide their customers with a long list of all of the upgrades, changes, and bug fixes.

ADVANTAGE 365 Dashboard Screenshot

“The problem with this approach,” says President David G. Richards, “is that it’s convenient for the software company, not the customer. Our customers don’t have time to go through these lists line by line to figure out if/how the changes affect them. So they don’t feel the value of the update.”

RMI’s solution was to create the Rapidly Deployed Solutions “RDS” Team in 2018. This team is made up of some of RMI’s most senior consultants who work directly with the customers. Their job is to listen to customers across the industries that RMI serves and, when a feature that would benefit them arises, design and deploy it immediately. These solutions contain the typical fixes and updates, but they also include new features.

“Why wait?” Leah Holowesko, Manager of Client Services and RDS member says, “It just makes more sense to shoot off shorter emails that customers actually read, with features they can use today.”

Within two months of forming, the RDS team had already sent out three releases. And throughout 2018 they released 16 Rapidly Deployed Solutions to their customers. This is just another way that RMI is exceeding expectations to offer better service to their customers.

Learn more at rmiusa.com

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