American Rental Industry Revenue Expected to Exceed $64 Billion by 2022

RMI Corporation is a member of ARA, the American Rental Association, which has just released a favorable market forecast for the rental industry. Their latest finding expects revenue to exceed $64 billion by the year 2022. The analytics arm of the ARA examined multiple market indicators and found numerous increases for different rental markets across the board. They site a rapid increase in the growth of the economy, positive capital spending, and a pick up in construction for the expected boom. Growth is expected for Canada as well.

To ensure you capitalize on these revenue increases, it is important to have business solutions in place that help make your company more reliable, efficient, and secure. By leveraging a cloud based software, such as RMI’s ADVANTAGE 365, you can ensure your business has all of the tools it needs to meet the demands of this growth, as well as alleviate the headaches of IT management. Please call 800-252-5011 x2 or email to learn more. Creating a plan for your business today can mean a more profitable tomorrow!

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