Experience Speaks Louder than Words

When selecting a vendor to partner with your business, there is so much to consider. What makes their product superior to the competition? Is their pricing affordable? How will future transactions be with their organization? Can I trust them?

These types of questions are extremely important when considering a new business management software, as the company you select will need to not only provide vast functionality to your business, but will be supporting your most intricate operations today and well into the future. Many software analysts agree that if you are just looking at price, you may be selling yourself short down the road. What will your future costs be to update the system? What if you need a custom report? How much will support cost you? Is implementation time and material based? Will I have to buy more modules down the road?

With RMI’s ADVANTAGE Software solution, the answer to all of these questions is very easy-it is included! Our robust cloud environment covers your business front to back, and includes all upgrades, unlimited support, custom reporting, nightly backups, all modules included out of the box, and so much more. But perhaps more important, is our over 35 years of industry experience. RMI Corporation is an active member of the American Rental Association (ARA), National Trailer Dealers Association (NTDA), National Portal Storage Association (NPSA), and is Microsoft Certified. Our longevity in working with businesses just like yours and deep connections in the industry provide us with a wealth of expertise and experience that no price tag can be put on.

Ready to learn more? Please contact sales@rmiusa.com or call 800-252-5011 x2. We look forward to working with your business.

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