Don’t Base your Business on Vaporware

With the holidays fast approaching, many of us are busy shopping, wrapping gifts, and decorating our homes for the season. And if you have children, you are likely creating a magical time of year complete with stories, recipes, and traditions of the holidays.

While this is a great in the home, believing in such magic can be troublesome in the workplace. In the software industry, we refer to it as Vaporware; nothing more than a promise of a certain useful feature or a whimsical upgrade that will fix all woes. The problem, however, with Vaporware is that it is simply vapor, there is no real solution or guarantee, and in some cases it may not even exist. Perhaps a better analogy is receiving a beautifully wrapped present, only to find the box is empty inside.

With RMI Corporation, we are transparent in our offerings and do not participate in the common practice of Vaporware. Along with a demonstration of our actual solution , we deliver upgrades and new features regularly. Best of all, these upgrades are fully included in the subscription to ADVANTAGE365, lowering future unknown risks and leaving more in your wallet to spend on presents for your family.  It’s not magic, it’s just good and honest business, your guarantee from RMI Corporation.

To see a demonstration and learn more about ADVANTAGE365, please call 800-252-5011 or visit We look forward to working with you this holiday season!

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