The Horror of Software Implementations

In the spirit of Halloween, we’d like to address a horror encountered in the workplace. There are few projects scarier than buying a new ERP system. But there is one further haunt-buying a new ERP system and never getting live on it!

All too often, we hear horror stories from prospective users of RMI’s ADVANTAGE365 Solution. Aside from countless wasted hours and dollars, is the wasted promise of new technology to make the business more competitive and productive. A recent study conducted by Panorama suggests that the average implementation time of a new ERP software is a terrifying 18 months. Aside from the massive amount of time involved, that is a lot of unknown risk to swallow. If your implementation is a separate cost of your software, that can stack up to tons of time and material costs you may not have budgeted for. Perhaps there is something scarier than never getting live, and that is having a write a check for more than you anticipated!

Thankfully with RMI Corporation, we’ve made it our mission to take the fear out of purchasing and implementing ERP software. Specializing in the equipment rental, sales and service industry, we deliver industry expertise and a robust system entirely in the cloud. By leveraging the power of Cloud technology, we have been able to successfully streamline the implementation process, and our average client goes live in just four months. Let me repeat that-just a 120 day average go live time! Aside from being far ahead of industry standards, that gets ADVANTAGE365 users working more efficiently and effectively as soon as possible. This helps to minimize risk and achieve a faster ROI. Even better, our Cloud environment includes the cost of implementation. There are no zombie hidden fees or spooky blank checks for time and materials. Each user is assigned to a project manager who will provide individualized attention and create an efficient go live plan to achieve maximum results in record time. RMI Corporation only gives out treats, no tricks involved!

To learn more about all that ADVANTAGE365 can offer, please request a personalized demonstration or give us a call at 1-800-252-5011. We look forward to helping you this Halloween!

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