Offering Customer Service 24/7 Without Breaking the Bank

In the world of the internet, customers no longer only shop during normal business hours. Nowadays, they seek service 24/7 from their phones and tablets through your website. However, managing this kind of convenience can be a challenge. What is the cost to staff such an operation? What technology do you need to power it? How much would you have to spend to build such a site?

With RMI Corporation’s ADVANTAGE365 software, we will provide your business with a Customer Portal. Through Customer Portal, you can create a unique login and password for each of your clients to interact with your business anytime, anywhere. The content they will see is customized to their transactions with your organization. Here, they will  be empowered to request a quote, see what they have out on rent, make a service request, or even pay their invoices! This convenience will improve the relationship they have with your business, and possibly increase your bottom line by receiving payments faster and setting you apart from the competition.

Recently, RMI also introduced a Document Management function for Customer Portal. In addition to the many convenient pages we already provide, now you can push documents to your customer based on specific units they have out on rent from you. This can include owner manuals, insurance documents, the content is up to you!

To learn more about Customer Portal, please visit or call 800-252-5011 x779.

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