Don’t know if your rental assets are profitable? ADVANTAGE365 can help.

One of the most common questions a business can ask itself is, “Are my rental assets profitable?” Of course, this is crucial business knowledge so that investments can be made wisely, and a bottom line determined.  However getting this information can often be a challenge. When using multiple systems, or systems that are not specific to the equipment rental industry, this data can become nearly impossible to find.

RMI Corporation can help if this very question is a challenge to your organization . Our ADVANTAGE 365 solution contains a Fixed Asset Rental Statistics screen which displays all relevant information pertaining to individual rental assets. This includes location, multiple revenue breakdowns (by meters, rental revenue, service revenue, etc), cost breakdowns (acquisition, depreciation, maintenance), margin, return on investment, and finance/loan information.

By obtaining this data from ADVANTAGE365, you can rest assured that you have the knowledge you need to make informed business decisions. You can also use ADVANTAGE’s Fixed Asset Rental Statistics screen to view equipment history and analyze the revenue and cost performance of your equipment. To learn more about this feature, and all that ADVANTAGE365 can do for your company, please contact us at or call 1-800-252-5011 x779.

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