Hurricane Season is Upon Us-Is Your Business Technology Prepared?

As Hurricane Harvey strengthens over the Gulf, we are reminded once again that during storm season, being prepared is key. Just as we may board windows, fill gas tanks, and stock up on food and water, it is important to ready our business technologies as well. When was the last system backup? Can the technology be accessed if the power goes out? Will data be lost if there is flooding?

Don’t let a storm cripple your business! RMI Corporation offers ADVANTAGE365, a business management solution specialized for the rentals, sales, and service industry. Some of the benefits include:

  • Access anytime, anywhere and from any device: Whether your power goes down and your only device is a smartphone, or you can’t get into work during bad weather, you can still be productive with ADVANTAGE365.
  • All inclusive cloud environment:  ADVANTAGE365 includes backups, upgrades, security, and unlimited support, eliminating your worry when a storm is on the way.
  • Certified technology: ADVANTAGE365 is a Microsoft Certified Solution. RMI Corporation is also a member of the American Rental Association and has been in business for over 35 years. We may not be able to sway the weather, but at least your solution can be something you know you can rely on!

We would appreciate the opportunity to discuss your business readiness plans further, and to share how ADVANTAGE365 from RMI Corporation can help. Please give us a call at 800-252-5011 or visit at your earliest convenience and let’s beat the storms!

Please join us in wishing safety to all that may be impacted by Harvey

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