Moving from Reactive to Proactive Maintenance

One of the biggest struggles that companies renting and selling equipment faces is the maintenance of fleet. All too often, it is easy to get stuck in the rut of simply performing reactive maintenance, or maintenance that occurs only once failure happens. However, this can be costly. What if the failure happens while the unit is out on rent? That can’t be good for customer satisfaction. Reactive maintenance can also cause other things to fail, and worse, can cause injury.

But moving from a reactive maintenance model to proactive maintenance is challenging, to say the least. It requires a plan, an understanding of a reliable levels, identifying criticality, maintaining maintenance history with the equipment, accessing manufacturing standards, and more ( a good list can be found here).

Thankfully, there are solutions, including RMI’s ADVANTAGE 365. Our comprehensive planned maintenance functionality and certified team can help. Give us a call at 1-800-252-5011 or visit today to learn more.


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