By 2017, nearly 2/3 of businesses will be in the cloud…..will you?

According to recently published data, two-thirds of all business data will be processed in the Cloud by 2017. As we enter the fall season, that no longer seems too far away!

Year over year, the technology and security improves, and yet, many businesses still have reservations. However, if you chose to work with a long standing, certified company like RMI Corporation, you can put these fears to rest.

RMI is now in its 35th year of business. And we work exclusively with companies that rent, sell, and service equipment. Our cloud environment is tailored specifically for the industry, and we have decades of expertise and best practices to offer.

Our cloud environment is also powered by Microsoft. A common concern that remains is that the software is merely “vaporware” or has little guarantee of reliability. Whereas, RMI is a Microsoft Certified Partner, meaning the ADVANTAGE365 solution has undergone a rigorous testing process to meet strict standards.

Another common concern is costs. But what many companies are quickly realizing is that Cloud computing actually saves money. Of course, you completely avoid the initial expenses of additional IT resources, servers, and other hardware. You also no longer have to update this hardware as your business grows or technology changes. And with RMI Corporation, your Cloud subscription will include software upgrades, accessibility from any web enabled device (even your cellphone!), implementation, as well as unlimited help desk support from a team of certified professionals.

Still have concerns? Please contact us, or give us a call at 800-252-5011; we’d be happy to address any questions and help your organization join the growing number of businesses operating in the Cloud!

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