Construction is booming, but increased demand can create new challenges

Across the country, construction is booming. Cities like Seattle lead the country in crane count, with major projects dotting the skyline. According to the Puget Sound Business Journal, the number of tower cranes in Seattle grew from 58 to 62 just in the last half of 2016. And Seattle is not alone; on the other side of the country, the city of Orlando is in a construction spurt and has seen a growing number of cranes. Many cities in between, from Chicago to Houston, are seeing similar trends.

This kind of construction can translate to increased business for equipment rental, sales and service companies. While great for business, this can create new challenges that must be quickly addressed to keep up with the demand and beat out the competition.

One such challenge is using multiple, outdated programs that do not integrate and must be synced manually. Thankfully, technologies like RMI Corporation’s ADVANTAGE365 Software can provide these organizations with the tools necessary to gain an edge. This fully Cloud based technology integrates all sectors of the business into one user friendly platform, enabling users to create orders or update inventory in real time, saving time and creating efficiencies across all departments.

Another common challenge is only having access to these essential programs when in the office at a desktop computer connected to servers. This limits the ability to be productive when in the field and on the road, or when working in locations across the country. However, with ADVANTAGE365, the system can be accessed anytime, anywhere and from any device, allowing users to be effective and profitable, no matter what booming city they may be servicing.

A further challenge is unpredictable operation costs, or “nickel and diming” by solution providers that can chew into the increased revenues from the extra business. Traditional software systems require expensive upgrades, server maintenance and operation costs, time and material projects or support, even extra headcount expenses to run the systems and hardware. But with a Cloud based program, these hard to predict and usually expensive costs become a simple monthly subscription fee. And with ADVANTAGE365, that subscription is all inclusive of support, upgrades, setup and more, taking the guess work out of IT expenses and allowing businesses to enjoy more of their bottom line.

Leveraging cutting edge technologies like ADVANTAGE365 are becoming an integral part to efficient and effective business operations in order to keep up with growing demand and ever competitive markets. To learn more about all the features and benefits please visit or call 800-252-5011 to speak with a representative about your unique needs today.

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