RMI Corporation Improves Service Again with RMI Reporting Guarantee

RMI Corporation Improves Service Again with RMI Reporting Guarantee

July 1, 2015 – Avon, CT – RMI’s loyal users have long been fans of the ADVANTAGE Solution’s flexible and varied reporting formats. With hundreds of business intelligence reports available across Excel, SQL, and standard system reports, there is a report to fit every business requirement.

In order to enhance this service further, RMI is announcing its new RMI Reporting Guarantee as part of its ADVANTAGE Cloud Solution. For those occasions where a customer needs a report that doesn’t already exist, RMI guarantees that the report will be built for the customer – for free.

“Businesses are constantly evolving and finding new ways to analyze data.  RMI’s Reporting Guarantee is just another way that we are working with our customers and the industry to steer businesses toward growth.” said David G. Richards, Executive Vice President, RMI Corporation.  “This service has been a huge success with our customers.”

The RMI Reporting Guarantee promises that RMI will do the following:

  1. Identify the customer’s reporting requirements
  2. If a report exists, RMI will provide training on how to use it
  3. If the report does not exist, RMI will custom-make or modify a report in the appropriate format

RMI takes prides in its knowledgeable, patient, and thorough staff whose support is a standard part of its software packages. The free, inclusive service provided under the RMI Reporting Guarantee is yet another testament to RMI’s premier Cloud solution.


For Additional Information, press only:
Phone: 860.677.1005
Fax: 860.677.2454
Email: Marketing@rmiusa.com
Web: http://www.rmiusa.com

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