Common challenge: “When, what, and how often: are all questions you shouldn’t have about servicing your equipment”


RMI ADVANTAGE’s Planned Maintenance feature tracks and alerts you of service due on all types of equipment:

  1. Set up the equipment with a maintenance schedule based on passage of time and/or use (ex. Every 90 days or 10,000 miles)
  2. Review the Planned Maintenance Board to see what equipment needs servicing
  3. Schedule a service ticket directly from the Planned Maintenance Board
  4.  When service is complete, the equipment is updated and will only show on the Planned Maintenance Board when service is due again


  • Reliable record of all services performed on equipment
  • Service may be scheduled, postponed, or skipped at your discretion
  • Be proactive about your service workload
Planned Maintenance Board_RMI ADVANATGE

The RMI ADVANTAGE Planned Maintenance Board makes your job easier by suggesting services and supporting multiple Actions, such as Scheduling the Service, Postponing and Skipping Service with reasons and reset dates.

For more information, contact us at or 800-252-5011 for additional details. Current ADVANTAGE users can learn more about using these features by logging into our RMI Client Support Site with over 2000 pieces of knowledge, including: Planned Maintenace Tracking and Scheduling.

With over 30 years’ experience serving the rental, sales and services industries, we have helped many businesses solve common challenges. Learn how RMI and ADVANTAGE can help you.

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