Common challenge: “Still paying an outside accountant to perform basic depreciation accounting?”

Solution: ADVANTAGE includes complete asset management functionality. This functionality includes:

  1. Separate depreciation rules for rental fleet assets vs. property plant and equipment.
  2. Multiple sets of depreciation books can be maintained
  3. General Ledger integration to maintain interim financial statements
  4. “Normal” as well as custom methods of depreciation are supported
  5. Auto calculate tax depreciation start date for year of acquisition
  6. Gains/Losses auto calculated and recorded at the time of disposition
  7. Changes in useful life and/or depreciable value is supported
  8. Assets and depreciation information can be split to create new assets from existing assets
  9. Sold assets can be brought back into your rental fleet

ADVANTAGE automatically calculates, records and tracks Depreciation for all assets based on each asset’s Depreciation Method (i.e. Straight Line, Double Declining Balance, etc.) and depreciable life. Benefit:

  • Accurate financial statements without having to consult with an outside accountant
  • Calculate Depreciation for all assets in one process
  • Track Depreciation accurately
  • Monitor individual rental asset profitability
  • Quick and Efficient

See a demonstration today!  Watch RMI’s Periodic Depreciation Video.

For more information, contact us at or 800-252-5011 for additional details.  Current ADVANTAGE users can learn more about using these features by logging into our RMI Client Support Site with over 2000 pieces of knowledge, including:    Fixed Assets Periodic Depreciation

With over 30 years’ experience serving the rental, sales and services industries, we have helped many businesses solve common challenges. Learn how RMI and ADVANTAGE can help you. 

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