Common challenge: “You have a business to run. You need up-to-the-minute information in order to make appropriate decisions”

RMI ADVANTAGE includes the reporting that you need to do your job effectively.

Dashboard Reports – A reporting option that e-mails Key Performance Indicators to appropriate audiences on-demand or on a pre-defined scheduled basis.

Jet Reports – Excel-based reporting that pulls data directly from the ADVANTAGE database. Dozens of industry-related reports are included. In addition, users can build their own using familiar Excel functionality

Standard Reports – ADVANTAGE includes hundreds of reports typically used by operations, finance, marketing, etc.

Customer Reports– Customer Portal is a website option where your customers can log in and view information and reports related to their account activity with you.

Role Center Charts – In the role-based view of ADVANTAGE, job-specific information is presented in a graphical format and can be drilled into for more detailed information.


  • The information you need when you need it
  • All report types come standard with ADVANTAGE
  • Reports can be filtered to show more or less specific information
  • The only report you don’t have access to, is the one you don’t ask for

Watch RMI’s Power of Reporting demonstration today.

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