Common challenge: “Looking for a way to protect rental equipment while increasing your revenue stream?”

Protect your equipment and your revenue stream with Damage Waiver Charges

Protect your rental fleet  and your revenue stream with damage waiver charges


RMI ADVANTAGE’s Damage Waiver solution simplifies the process of billing and reporting for damage waiver charges by:

  • Assigning a standard  percentage as a damage waiver charge for each piece of equipment
  • Setting whether or not a customer declines the damage waiver
  • Showing the breakdown of charges in the totaling section of the invoice


  • Efficient management of customer rental preferences
  • Earn and track damage waiver charge revenue

Current ADVANTAGE users can learn more about using these features by logging into our RMI Client Support Site with over 2000 pieces of knowledge, including:  Damage Waiver

Helpful tip: When using “Search the RMIKnowledgebase”, set the areas to search to be Documents only for this topic. 

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