Common challenge: “Setting up Service Work Orders for all routine and not-so-routine service activities should be fast and easy.”

Keeping your equipment in good working order means happy rental customers. Managing planned maintenance and handling those unfortunate on demand services needs to be fast and easy.

ADVANTAGE includes a comprehensive Service module that manages what needs to be done, for whom, by whom, and captures the labor and materials used in the process.

For routine services, ADVANTAGE expedites the recording process with pre-configured Standard Service Codes. Using these codes, ADVANTAGE creates a complete Service Work Order with three easy clicks.

Benefit: With ADVANTAGE, Service Work Orders are simple and easy to create, and you gain the added benefits of:

  • Complete Planned Maintenance Scheduling and TrackingService Tech
  • Complete service history on both company owned and customer owned equipment.
  • A Dealer Management Solution with Electronic Purchasing and Warranty Claims tracking

Demonstrations are available on demand for each of these topics:

Day in the Life: Service Department
Day in the Life: Equipment History
Dealer Management

Current ADVANTAGE users can learn more about using Service features by logging into our Client Support Site with over 2000 pieces of knowledge, including: Technician Work Journal, Service Troubleshooting and more.

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