Did You Know you can easily record cash payments made by walk-in customers?

Depending on the type of business you run there may be times when your customers come into the office or store and wish to pay cash.  RMI ADVANTAGE makes it easy to quickly record the cash payment against the Customer Card, Order, or Posted Invoice.  The Cash Payment Window will even tell you the correct change to provide the customer with.

The example below shows the cash payment being recorded against a Posted Rental Invoice.

The steps to record the cash payment are outlined below:

  1. Open the Posted Rental Invoice
  2. Functions Button>Cash>Payment
  3. Hit the Enter key twice to generate the Store and Terminal No.
  4. Verify the Transaction Amount
  5. In the Tender Amount field enter the amount of cash you received from the customer
  6. The Change Amount field will automatically update with the proper change you must take out of the Petty Cash box and return to the customer
  7. Functions Button>Submit

Submitting the Cash Payment will auto-create a payment entry in the corresponding Cash Receipts Journal.

Accepting Walk In Cash Payments in ADVANTAGE

Accepting Walk In Cash Payments in ADVANTAGE

RMI’s “Did You Know” communications provide customers with quick tips for better utilization of their ADVANTAGE solution.

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