Did you know you can schedule certain tasks to run at specific times in ADVANTAGE ?

The Job Queue is an advanced tool that can automate processes that would normally require human intervention. The Job Queue can execute single run or recurring tasks based on a schedule established by the user. Flexible scheduling allows you to set the day(s), start time and minutes between run times.

One example of a recurring job is the “Process Service E-mail Queue”. This process sends emails to customers when a Service Work Order is Finished. Using the Job Queue, you can establish a run frequency that sends those e-mail notices to customers in a timely fashion, rather than running the process manually.

Additional examples of processes available for automation with the Job Queue include:

  • Batch Post Rental Orders (Rentals)
  • Batch E-mail Invoices (Rentals, Sales and Service)
  • Calculate  Availability (Rentals)
  • Electronic Part Order/ Part Return Exports (Purchasing)
  • Electronic  Warranty Claim Export (Service Management)
  • Process Service E-mail Queue (Service Management)

RMI’s “Did You Know” communications provide customers with quick tips for better utilization of their ADVANTAGE solution.

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