RMI’s 30-Year Celebration


As June came to a close, RMI celebrated their 30th Anniversary as the elite provider of ADVANTAGE software for the rental, sales, and service industries.  Statistics show that the average lifespan of a business is 4 years. To no surprise, RMI has been able to withstand the test of time and is now celebrating a 30-year anniversary. Starting out in 1983 as a computer rental company, RMI quickly shifted gears to developing software to serve the rental, sales, and service industries. President and CEO Paul R. Chapdelaine, CPA has reached a huge milestone in his career and truly deserved the RMI branded cake his staff generously provided at the Annual Corporate Meeting on Friday.

The Annual Corporate Meeting had a big agenda with speeches from the management team praising the hard work of each employee.  RMI employees are fully dedicated to their work and offer record-setting support in order to help each client maximize their business potential. 

After 30 years of hard work, Paul Chapdelaine insists that his employees care about each client as much as he does, which we certainly do.  After the meeting, we enjoyed lunch at the company picnic with great food and even better company.

In addition to RMI’s 30th birthday, we are celebrating the total number of Cloud Users reaching an outstanding 21% increase since January 1, setting a new RMI record.  Now, as we enter July the RMI family is looking forward to continuing our success in assisting our customers in doing what they do best; rent, sell and service equipment.


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