Lauren Dorman Celebrates 25 Years With RMI

Lauren Dorman RMI's VP-Product DevelopmentIt’s a widely recognized statistic that modern young professionals will hold a minimum of 7 careers in their lifetime.  As we see the 2013 college grads accepting their diplomas and searching for their ‘starter jobs’, it’s refreshing to recognize an RMI team member who’s love for the work she does has enabled her to celebrate her 25th Anniversary at RMI.

The entire RMI team is proud to honor Lauren Dorman, RMI’s VP of Product Development, on her 25th Anniversary with RMI Corporation.  Throughout her years with RMI, Lauren has held nearly every role.  Marketing, Sales, Support, Consultant, Project Manager, Director, and on to VP of Product Development Lauren has helped carry RMI through the evolution of both business management software/hardware and the equipment rental industry.  Her ongoing work at RMI plays a vital role in many facets of the company; most significantly, she helps to ensure that the RMI ADVANTAGE solution continues to exceed the ever-changing expectations of equipment rental, sales, and services industries.

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