The Rental Show

Ahh.. New Orleans in February.  For those of us living in the Northeast or cooler climate areas, we certainly appreciate a reason to head south during the winter months.  This trip was thanks to the American Rental Association’s annual conference and trade show, The Rental Show. 

For those of you involved in the rental industry who are not familiar with The American Rental Association or the annual conference, I highly recommend you check them out.  Founded in 1955, their goal is to promote the advancement of equipment rentals and provide a forum for members of the industry to network and share best practices.  Membership exceeds 7,500 rental companies and over 1,000 suppliers to the industry. 

This year’s event was fantastic.  In addition to this being RMI’s 10th year as an exhibitor at the show, the overall mood was very upbeat and many attendees and exhibitors alike expressed feelings of improved confidence in the economy.  One sign of improved conditions was expressed by RMI Customer Indy Equipment who was also exhibiting at the show.

“We’re noticing increased market confidence and a willingness to reinvest in the business.” Said Jeff Bonomo from Indy Equipment “It certainly has been helpful to have live access to our ADVANTAGE business solution while on the trade show floor.  We are generating quotes and converting them to orders in real time.” 

In addition to talking with Jeff and getting his take on the show, my fellow booth staffers, Adam and Dave, also found many attendees were at the show specifically to find new equipment and new business software.   With the recent decline in the economy, many have been delaying a decision they know is long overdue – investing in their future.  We had some terrific conversations and are looking forward to working with those ARA members in 2012. 

As the snow begins to fall here in the Northeast, I’m looking forward to 2012 and hope you’re seeing light at the end of the tunnel and that the positive outlook continues.

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