Mobile is not the future…it’s NOW!

For years now we’ve been hearing that “mobile computing” is the “way of the future.” Palm Pilots used to be must have technology in the business world, but now those are in the Stone Age along with beepers and the Zach Morris cell phone.

Zach Morris Cell Phone

Zach Morris Cell Phone

In a world that is run around Facebook updates and twitter feeds, the need to stay connected is becoming more and more evident. Smartphones have been on the market for years now and the number of things they can do continues to grow rapidly. Anything you are looking to do, there is inevitably someone there to say, “There’s an app for that!”

In a case study by Gartner, it was said that at the end of 2010, over 1.2 billion people had smartphones. Also, according to Ian Howie, author of AdWords EBook, within the next couple of years, the number of mobile Google searches will exceed searches performed on regular computers.

We've Gone Mobile
We’ve Gone Mobile

It is obvious that most of the world has already gone mobile, and we are completely reliant on our mobile devices. If your smartphone were taken away for a day, you would be completely lost. The hard truth is, if you, as a business, do not have mobile capabilities, you are missing out. So when people say mobile is the way of the future, they’re wrong. Mobile is now, and it is not going away.

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