Lessons learned from reality TV

Certified for Microsoft Dynamics

Ok, I admit it.  I’m a huge fan of the Holmes on Homes television show.  For those who have not seen it, Mike Holmes is a contractor that comes in and makes “right” the wrongs performed by other contractors.  As Mike and his team dive in, they often uncover many other problems that were not evident.  The homeowner quickly learns it is not only the external or finish work that counts, it’s work you cannot easily see that is the true test of a job well done.  Each week we learn the same lessons:

  •  Did you make sure that the contractor, plumber, electrician, etc. is certified to do the job that you hired them to do?
  • Did you check their references?

It got me thinking about how important certifications really are.

In most all “certification” processes, you must complete a prescribed course of action and pass an exam.  It’s an investment of time and energy, but worth the reward.  Think about your personal commitment to gain that business degree, CPA or Equipment Operator Certification so that you can be successful.  Alternately, consider when you are interviewing a potential employee or a vendor.  Do you check for specialized certifications that are required for the job?  I sure do.  I want to know I’m bringing on the skills we need to be successful.

That’s why Certified for Microsoft Dynamics and Certified for Cloud is so important to you and your business.  It’s your proof that the business solution you are choosing has been designed, tested and approved for your industry.  In order to gain these certifications, both the business solution and the organization need to meet the requirements for certification.  This includes a rigorous software application test, customer references, proven support and implementation methodologies, and commitment to the Microsoft Dynamics product.  Moreover, since technologies are ever changing, each certification must be renewed every two years.

Later this year will mark the fourth time RMI will earn the Certified for Microsoft Dynamics medallion for our ADVANTAGE solution for the rental, sales and service industry.  We make the investment because we believe that it is important to deliver the highest quality solutions and services to you.

I’m glad we’ve got Mike Holmes to “make it right”, but wouldn’t you rather have it right the first time?

To learn more about the Certified for Microsoft Dynamics certification, click here.