April 2011 marks the move from live, classroom training at our Avon facility to On-Line training.  For me personally, the move is bittersweet.  RMI has been hosting live training classes on ADVANTAGE since the 1990’s and we’ve developed many close relationships along the way.  But, as they say, the world is getting smaller.  We live in very connected and dynamic times; we’ve become comfortable with web based meetings and access to knowledge from anywhere.  Moreover, that’s what we all expect.

The benefits are exciting, both to RMI and to our customers.  We’ll be reaching individuals who may not have had the opportunity to learn, first hand, how to be more comfortable and efficient in their jobs.  This also opens the door to implementing areas of the ADVANTAGE solution that may not have been explored before – delivering more value to the organization.  Whether its new functionality recently added or automating another area of the business, we’ll be there to help.

Our team has redesigned the training sessions to make the most of our on-line time together.  Why?  Because when you’re attending an on-line meeting from the comfort of your office, we need to keep the sessions engaging and relevant.  We’re in competition with the ringing phone, or the quick question from a colleague.  We think we’ve got the right formula – and we hope you think so too.

Class schedules can be found on RMI’s Events Calendar and on our Training page in RMIKnowledge, our 24/7 online support site.  Join us for a session and tell us how we’re doing!  We’ll be looking for your feedback.

Online Training is free of charge to all ADVANTAGE Cloud customers and those customers with an active support contract.  If you’d like to learn more about these programs, please give us a call at 800-252-5011 ext 2 or email us at

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