ADVANTAGE Newsletter

Are you meeting, or even exceeding your goals for 2011? As the second quarter of 2011 begins, it’s time to assess your progress and take action to ensure you are successful.

Looking back, RMI has been quite busy this quarter. We’ve spent the first few months developing great new features and getting the word out about Cloud computing. But our biggest news is the change to our training program. Keeping our customer’s productivity goals and budgets in mind, RMI is moving ADVANTAGE training online. For more on training and the many ways RMI is shaping productivity, please read on.

New Release:
RMI’s 2011 first quarter release streamlines your rental department.

Training Moves Live & Online –

Is your organization currently taking advantage of all the benefits your rental solution provides? Probably not — but RMI can help. ADVANTAGE training is moving to a Live & Online format. An added bonus of this model is the ability to save time and money for travel costs.

Whitepaper -The Economics of The Cloud – Are you looking for ways to stop spending your IT budget on existing  application maintenance and infrastructure costs? Do you still have  questions about the cloud? “The Economics of the Cloud” whitepaper will answer questions such as: How does it work? Is Cloud Computing  right for you?

RMI Founder Paul R. Chapdelaine In The News – In the February issue of Access, Lift & Handlers article “Renting from ‘The Cloud'” explains the benefits cloud computing brings to the rental, sales and service industry. Learn what cloud computing is all about and why it is quickly becoming the new way of doing business.

We’re Hiring – Have experience working in the rental, sales and service or technology industry?  We’re looking for talented professionals  to join the RMI team.  Please send your resume for consideration – .

RMI is a leading software provider for the equipment rental, sales and service industry with thousands of users relying on ADVANTAGE to run their business each day. Contact us to learn how we can help you.

This Quarter, RMI Welcomes Companies from
the Following Industries:
– Storage Trailer & Containers
– Trench Shoring Equipment
– Over Road Trailers

Read below to see what we’re up to.

Upcoming Webinars

Executive KPI’s Webinar — April 6, 2011
Presented by:
Paul R. Chapdelaine C.P.A.,
President of RMI Corporation
For details please contact

ADVANTAGE of Role Centers
March 23, 2011 1pm-2pm EDT.

New Webinar-Business Productivity Online Services
March 30, 2011 1pm-2pm EDT.

Product Feature

Staying focused on value added activities is rule number one in any business. In your Service Department, you manage a pipeline of services and assign the workload across your team for maximum benefit. The work is being completed, but how are you measuring the results?

ADVANTAGE delivers Technician Productivity and Billing Efficiency reports that analyze the actual output of the team. Productivity reporting sheds light on the percentage of productive vs. non-productive hours and compares this to goals established for the team. Billing Efficiency reporting is the companion report that helps you understand the overall effectiveness of the hours invested in service work orders. This report compares posted hours and adjustments to the overall billing generated for the work. Learn more about managing productivity and billing efficiency with ADVANTAGE.

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